Emergency Management makes an organized effort to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the potential effects of all types of hazards, disasters, and emergencies facing the residents of the City of Elgin.

It is the mission of Emergency Management to help protect the lives and well being of the residents by:

  • Coordinating resources in the event of a disaster or other emergency.

  • Having knowledge of local emergency management laws and ordinances.

  • Attending training for residents and emergency personnel in spotting many types of severe weather.

  • Obtaining state certification through training offered by the MN Division of HSEM (Homeland Security and Emergency Management) and FEMA.

  • Continually improving skills in handling disaster and crisis situations through educational programs offered at the state level through federal funding.

  • For a detailed description of the Elgin Emergency Management policy, refer to Elgin City Code, Chapter 32

Contact Information

  • Craig Ziebell
    Emergency Management Director