The City of Elgin, MN has a Community Garden & 5 Parks which include the following:

City Park

Located at 335 Main St W

This park is 3 acres in size and has a lighted softball field with dugouts, sand volleyball court, playground equipment with swings, shelter and porta potties.

Whitewater Way Park

Located at 111 6th Ave NE

This park is .25 acres and has a basketball court, playground equipment with swings, picnic tables, and benches.

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Rolling Hills Park

Located just outside of the city in our Rolling Hills Subdivision — no address

This park is about 1 acre and has a basketball court, playground with swings and some green space to play catch etc. in.

Ellis Park

located at 410 4th Ave SW

Very small downtown park which has a shelter and a picnic table. Some of the apartment residents use this area to grill or have lunch or supper at.

Hoenk Park

Located at 410 4th Ave SW

This park is 14 acres and has 2 softball fields with dugouts, 2 sand volleyball courts, a small picnic shelter with tables, playground equipment with swings, benches, 2 large parking lots, a pond, plenty of green space, porta potties and a walking trail that leads to the Great River Ridge bike trail.

Community Gardens

Located at 35 1st Ave SE

This area has 8 gardens which are 15×20 in size. We are promoting fresh produce for a healthy lifestyle.