The Planning & Zoning Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at the Elgin City Hall- 170 East Main Street.

We strongly encourage you to attend a P & Z Meeting for more information and to discuss your project to see if a permit is required.

Please note, it is the responsibly of the applicant/owner to locate property lines. The City does not have a certified surveyor on staff.

Contact Information

To Do List for Permits

  1. Submit completed building permit application. Click on the following: Building Permit Application for application form.
  2. If you are signing the application form yourself, (not a licensed contractor) complete the following: Waiver
  3. Submit a site plan showing property boundaries and building(s) locations. Dimensions should show distance from building to all property lines. Include length and width of property and any permanent structures.
  4. Submit 2 set of plans which include footing, foundation, and wall & roof details (if applicable). Additional forms may be needed depending on the project. Those forms can be picked up at the City Hall.
  5. Please return items to the City Hall- 170 E Main Street, PO Box 236, Elgin. They may also be placed in the drop box at foyer of the building.

After your permit application is submitted to the City, the Planning and Zoning Commission will review it. It will either be approved, denied or additional information may be requested. Upon approval the permit will be sent to Construction Management Services (CMS) for plan review and issuance of permit.

Please allow at least two weeks for processing at CMS. Depending on your project scope and time of year, the permit application process can be lengthy. It is advised you plan ahead a such as possible.

Fence Permits

Please complete the same Building Permit Application from the previous section and submit a site plan along with what materials used you will use for the fence (examples: chain link, vinyl or wood).

The site plan should include property boundaries and permanent structures. Dimensions should show distance from the fence to all property lines and permanent structures.

PLEASE NOTE: For fences built on the property line, the adjoining landowner must agree to it in writing and a copy of their approval must be submitted with the permit application and kept on file at the City.

For more information, please review the fence ordinance: Planning & Zoning Code-Fences or speak with the Planning & Zoning chairperson.